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Fixing Felines

‘Feral Buster’ volunteer dedicates love, time, effort to helping strays Cat concerns? Who you gonna call? Well, probably not Ghost Busters, but maybe Feral Busters — aka Debbie Smith. She will answer your call for help with feral cats. Working under Snippet Citrus, a nonprofit, all-volunteer group that raises money to provide low-cost spays and […]

Walmart Dogs

Last August I was in the pet section of Walmart in Inverness, I was buying cat food for the ferals around my home, when a young lady came in with the cutest little raggedy puppy and being the animal lover I am I could not ignore them! While I was talking to her I noticed another young woman came in […]

Snippet Citrus Heroes

My Fiancé and I were both certain that we wanted to get a dog. However, my fiancé came home from scoping out his hunting spot and told me he saw a kitten, only about a  month old, squalling in the middle of the woods. Someone had dropped her. All I could think about was that […]


The extremely high grass next door moved unnaturally. There was no breeze so I know there was something live, hiding and or hunting. I stood as still as I could and finally was the tips of two pointed black ears; then a whiskered face with big, watchful, green eyes. I sighed as I sadly thought….another […]