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Walmart Dogs

Last August I was in the pet section of Walmart in Inverness, I was buying cat food for the ferals around my home, when a young lady came in with the cutest little raggedy puppy and being the animal lover I am I could not ignore them! While I was talking to her I noticed another young woman came in […]

Snippet Citrus Heroes

My Fiancé and I were both certain that we wanted to get a dog. However, my fiancé came home from scoping out his hunting spot and told me he saw a kitten, only about a  month old, squalling in the middle of the woods. Someone had dropped her. All I could think about was that […]


The extremely high grass next door moved unnaturally. There was no breeze so I know there was something live, hiding and or hunting. I stood as still as I could and finally was the tips of two pointed black ears; then a whiskered face with big, watchful, green eyes. I sighed as I sadly thought….another […]

Meet Marvelous Marvin

Around Christmas 2012, Naomi’s husband passed away and not long after that the cat that they had adopted many years ago from the animal shelter became ill and had to be put to sleep. By April 2013, Naomi said the house was too quiet and lonely. That’s when she decided to get another cat. She […]