Florida Animal Friend Grant

Snippet Citrus has been awarded a $20,000 grant from Florida Animal Friend

Florida Animal Friend GrantBig news….Snippet Citrus has been awarded a $20,000 grant from Florida Animal Friend. Snippet will use these funds for our 2017 “Hip to Snip” campaign. Thank you FAF! Help Florida Animal Friend continue to provide life-saving grants by purchasing a spay/neuter license plate!  http://floridaanimalfriend.org/purchase-a-tag/

Bingo – August 6, 2016


Bingo Event a Success

February Hip to Snip Promotion was a Huge Success


Walmart Dogs

My Walmart Dogs

My Walmart Dogs

Last August I was in the pet section of Walmart in Inverness, I was buying cat food for the ferals around my home, when a young lady came in with the cutest little raggedy puppy and being the animal lover I am I could not ignore them! While I was talking to her I noticed another young woman came in with a similar looking and aged puppy, so I had to ask where they got them? I just assumed there was an adoption event in the area but she said “no, there is a man giving them out in the parking lot” And  said I just have to get out there and see this.  Then the lady told me that I better hurry because someone had threatened to call the cops on the man!  So I left my cart and I ran out and I saw no man or puppies. I asked a few people but nobody knew anything so I went back inside to finish shopping and try to put them out of my mind.

I left about a half hour later and was putting my groceries away when I heard a little whimper coming from the area where you place your carts. Well, I went right over and there in a torn up old cardboard box were these two beautiful little gems! They were seconds away from getting out of the box.  I can’t imagine how the man could of just left them.  I guess it was because someone had threatened to call the police on him. Read more

“It’s always Hip to Snip” Spay/Neuter

hipFebruary is National Spay and Neuter month.  On January 26, the “Board of County Commissioners.” will proclaim February Spay and Neuter Month in Citrus County.  Snippet Citrus and Friends of Citrus County Animal Services (FOCCAS) have partnered to sponsor a special dog promotion during the month of February.  This cooperative partnership was born based on information from Animal Services and the need to find an affordable, accessible way to spay/neuter pets for citizens who are unable to afford the procedure.  With local veterinarians charging from $100 to over $300 to spay or neuter a pet, many citizens have put off having their pets spayed or neutered, adding to the increased pet population in the county.  Let’s stop pet homelessness before it starts.
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Snippet Citrus Heroes

image01007190143My Fiancé and I were both certain that we wanted to get a dog. However, my fiancé came home from scoping out his hunting spot and told me he saw a kitten, only about a  month old, squalling in the middle of the woods. Someone had dropped her. All I could think about was that little baby waiting to be eaten. So after about 2 hours we went back to get her. We now have a kitten. Oh, the thoughts that ran through my head. She had worms, fleas, and the poor thing was very malnourished. We de-wormed her. We de-flead her, and fed her. This took a while. Now we needed to get her fixed, and vaccinated. Steve and I are on a fixed budget. We could not afford the prices that I got when I called around to local veterinarian offices. I got quotes over 350 dollars. Steve called me on lunch one day and told me that he had found a place called Snippets Citrus on facebook. They helped us get financial help to get baby Kitty fixed so that we did not have to worry about the investment of more kittens if not. Kitty has been such a joy to our lives and is a great addition to our household. That unconditional love does not matter if you are a cat or a dog.  Thanks Snippet.  Kitty now has a loving forever home and has brought much love to us.  Natasha Coffey

Snippet Citrus is dedicated to helping Citrus citizens who need financial assistance get their cats and dogs altered.  This will benefit our citizens both 2 legged and 4.  Please call 352-436-4268 to see if you are eligible for assistance.  Snippet is an all volunteer organization that raises funds thru donations and fundraisers.  If you would like to help our county cats and dogs please send a donation to Snippet Citrus, P.O. Box 476, Homosassa Springs 34447.

Snippet Citrus Spay and Neuter Pets


The extremely high grass next door moved unnaturally. There was no breeze so I know there was something live, hiding and or hunting. I stood as still as I could and finally was the tips of two pointed black ears; then a whiskered face with big, watchful, green eyes. I sighed as I sadly thought….another abandoned cat. Read more

Snippet Citrus Spay and Neuter Pets

Meet Marvelous Marvin

Snippet Citrus Spay and Neuter PetsAround Christmas 2012, Naomi’s husband passed away and not long after that the cat that they had adopted many years ago from the animal shelter became ill and had to be put to sleep. By April 2013, Naomi said the house was too quiet and lonely. That’s when she decided to get another cat. She asked her friend Lois Thomas, a co-founder of Snippet Citrus, to take her to the shelter to look for and hopefully adopt another cat. She saw Marvin, a five year old handsome orange male. As soon as Naomi saw him in person, she knew he was the one!

After a few weeks of Marvin exploring his new house and making sure his new “mommy” was alright, he settled right in. Several of Naomi’s friends came to meet Marvin, and he was the perfect gentleman. Although Naomi told her friends she didn’t like the name Marvin, he seemed to know that was his name; he responded to her when she called him. Her friends suggested she call him Marvelous Marvin and that worked for Naomi. She thanks Marvin for bringing life back into the house. Naomi and Marvin have interesting conversations and love to cuddle. This is truly a Christmas story; now one year after Naomi’s losses, she and Marvelous Marvin are enjoying each other and the joyful holiday season.

A pet can make a human feel wanted and alive, and the best part is that the pet gets a loving home!