Snippet Citrus Spay and Neuter Pets

Meet Marvelous Marvin

Snippet Citrus Spay and Neuter PetsAround Christmas 2012, Naomi’s husband passed away and not long after that the cat that they had adopted many years ago from the animal shelter became ill and had to be put to sleep. By April 2013, Naomi said the house was too quiet and lonely. That’s when she decided to get another cat. She asked her friend Lois Thomas, a co-founder of Snippet Citrus, to take her to the shelter to look for and hopefully adopt another cat. She saw Marvin, a five year old handsome orange male. As soon as Naomi saw him in person, she knew he was the one!

After a few weeks of Marvin exploring his new house and making sure his new “mommy” was alright, he settled right in. Several of Naomi’s friends came to meet Marvin, and he was the perfect gentleman. Although Naomi told her friends she didn’t like the name Marvin, he seemed to know that was his name; he responded to her when she called him. Her friends suggested she call him Marvelous Marvin and that worked for Naomi. She thanks Marvin for bringing life back into the house. Naomi and Marvin have interesting conversations and love to cuddle. This is truly a Christmas story; now one year after Naomi’s losses, she and Marvelous Marvin are enjoying each other and the joyful holiday season.

A pet can make a human feel wanted and alive, and the best part is that the pet gets a loving home!