Snippet Citrus Heroes

image01007190143My Fiancé and I were both certain that we wanted to get a dog. However, my fiancé came home from scoping out his hunting spot and told me he saw a kitten, only about a  month old, squalling in the middle of the woods. Someone had dropped her. All I could think about was that little baby waiting to be eaten. So after about 2 hours we went back to get her. We now have a kitten. Oh, the thoughts that ran through my head. She had worms, fleas, and the poor thing was very malnourished. We de-wormed her. We de-flead her, and fed her. This took a while. Now we needed to get her fixed, and vaccinated. Steve and I are on a fixed budget. We could not afford the prices that I got when I called around to local veterinarian offices. I got quotes over 350 dollars. Steve called me on lunch one day and told me that he had found a place called Snippets Citrus on facebook. They helped us get financial help to get baby Kitty fixed so that we did not have to worry about the investment of more kittens if not. Kitty has been such a joy to our lives and is a great addition to our household. That unconditional love does not matter if you are a cat or a dog.  Thanks Snippet.  Kitty now has a loving forever home and has brought much love to us.  Natasha Coffey

Snippet Citrus is dedicated to helping Citrus citizens who need financial assistance get their cats and dogs altered.  This will benefit our citizens both 2 legged and 4.  Please call 352-436-4268 to see if you are eligible for assistance.  Snippet is an all volunteer organization that raises funds thru donations and fundraisers.  If you would like to help our county cats and dogs please send a donation to Snippet Citrus, P.O. Box 476, Homosassa Springs 34447.