The extremely high grass next door moved unnaturally. There was no breeze so I know there was something live, hiding and or hunting. I stood as still as I could and finally was the tips of two pointed black ears; then a whiskered face with big, watchful, green eyes. I sighed as I sadly thought….another abandoned cat.

Each morning as I did daily chores, I called out, quietly, to the cat I knew was within hearing distance. The small bowl of food I placed inside my fence was empty by noon.

It took two months to trap the large young male cat as he had obviously been chased and terribly frightened. After covering the trap with a light weight blanket in an attempt to calm him, I placed him inside the screened porch for safety. Dunnellon Animal Hospital neutered him the next day, checked his blood and health, and gave him necessary shots.

As all unwanted, neglected and abandoned animals are, this beautiful black and shite cat was severely traumatized. Certainly not an adoptable cat for his understanding of humans was fear; his response was to hiss and growl protectively.

After several adjustment weeks inside a large indoor cage, the door was opened so the leary cat could explore his safety harbor.

“Sylvester” is about four years old now, a little overweight, cautiously loveable and a forever part of my family.

There is no simple solution for the over-population of cats and dogs. The remedy – STOP BREEDING. It’s being responsible. It makes sense. Please have your pet spayed or neutered. Save unwanted animals from a death sentence. These innocent creatures need your help.

Joanie Welch