Walmart Dogs

My Walmart Dogs

My Walmart Dogs

Last August I was in the pet section of Walmart in Inverness, I was buying cat food for the ferals around my home, when a young lady came in with the cutest little raggedy puppy and being the animal lover I am I could not ignore them! While I was talking to her I noticed another young woman came in with a similar looking and aged puppy, so I had to ask where they got them? I just assumed there was an adoption event in the area but she said “no, there is a man giving them out in the parking lot” And  said I just have to get out there and see this.  Then the lady told me that I better hurry because someone had threatened to call the cops on the man!  So I left my cart and I ran out and I saw no man or puppies. I asked a few people but nobody knew anything so I went back inside to finish shopping and try to put them out of my mind.

I left about a half hour later and was putting my groceries away when I heard a little whimper coming from the area where you place your carts. Well, I went right over and there in a torn up old cardboard box were these two beautiful little gems! They were seconds away from getting out of the box.  I can’t imagine how the man could of just left them.  I guess it was because someone had threatened to call the police on him.

I scooped them up without hesitation, telling myself I would find lovely homes for both of them.   You see, I have my own little sanctuary, I have 15 dogs in house but I only take in the elderly and the sick or disabled so that they can live their lives out in peace and comfort and then die with love and dignity.
I did not want or need these puppies at this point and I had decided after I lost one of my younger dogs recently to cancer in a grueling death, that I would not be replacing and dogs, something my vet and I had agreed upon.

But when I got them home, my older dogs just perked right up, they seemed to love them!!   Even my vet had to agree that these two little dolls could only benefit from being in my home!!  So here they are and where they will always be. We all love them. And we are just so grateful that they didn’t get out of that box and get run over that fateful day. That is the story of Wally and Marty. My Walmart dogs.

Melissa Thomas